Message From The Sages: New Product Lines


Thank you for this… lovely tour. I’m sure I couldn’t imagine my life without having traversed it. Your insistence I make this trek and file these reports has made your message and lesson clear. Moving forward I will take these improved skills of observation and ensure they are plied appropriately. Not sure why it had to be for six months though. Rude.

I’ve received my fourth assignment and I am in progress with procurements required for accomplishing the task. I expect within two moons you will receive my first report. Only one issues so far I’ve seen. The jhaka breathing bulbs you enchanted for the second trek has depleted. I’ll need a recharge somehow.

As always, I’ve included the vials with Courier. Please return Courier unharmed again and I assure you there will be no delays.

With forced and hated obedience,


It appears Malat was on assignment to collect on the strange laws of the places they traveled. We found this letter in the stacks of the Athenaeum and it appears to coincide with the last report filed.

What does this mean for you?

This means there will be no more Malat’s List of Places to Avoid after the one you receive this month it seems. However, to keep up with production of your monthly publications from the Cobalt Athenaeum, we will put forth something different for you to review. We actually have two ready and one potentially on the board for development.

  • Unexpected Adventures:Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure line. Remember that one NPC from this other town? Yeah I don’t either, nor was there much about them even if I did! But my players LOVED good ole Whatstheirname, fond memories there they say. What if, instead of struggling with something to say about Whatstheirname you had a mini adventure lined up and ready to go? In this line the adventures are geared to fit a TYPE of NPC and written such that any NPC can be fit into the adventure as either the inciting incident, the main character, the McGuffin, or other key entry point into the adventure. These are designed to be 1-2 hour adventures.
  • Mini Adventures: Another Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure line.  This has a different layout and is less designed for NPCs, but more for a range of levels for a party. These will be short adventures like Unexpected Adventures, but designed to be 3+ hour adventures.
  • Long Term Effects of Magic: This product is in planning at the moment. The initial concept was system neutral text for Pathfinder and D&D iconic spells used too often. What happens to the caster or the environment around such repeated magic? While the concept is still the same, we are experimenting with different layouts and system entries. Our goal at this point is to make an entry for System Neutral and D&D 5th Edition, but we are attempting to work in Pathfinder 1st and 2nd Edition.

Unexpected Adventures starts releasing to the public November 1st. This means we will provide Patrons the early version, the textual version, on October 7th.

Mini Adventures starts releasing to the public November 16th. This means we will provide Patrons the early version, the textual version, on October 25th.

Long Term Effects of Magic has yet to be finalized and is still in progress, but we expect a December release date for that line.

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