Dev Diary – Species Archive: The Kulvix

We have decided to start talking a bit about how we create, what goes into it, and what comes out of it. In general, the ins and outs of creating content from CSC’s perspective. This first article is important. It’s a serious message rather than a deep dive into content. Please take the time to read and understand why we recently made the decision we did with the kulvix book.

What is the kulvix book?

We recently held a contest, a giveaway in celebration of our newest release which brought the player species called the kulvix out into the world at large. This book tells of a species of crystalline creatures that live underground (at large), have over ten variants to the species, and have a vast assortment of ties to psionics (primarily because they originated from psicrystals).

Why is the kulvix book important?

This book is also our first book in a sense. When we began our company in 2015, we already had some species in mind to fill our custom campaign world of Theia. We settled on the kulvix as the most unique of them and the one we wanted to bring into the world first. We wrote, commissioned art, compiled into various publication softwares, and then shelved it when we decided we wanted to put out a full campaign setting in one big go. Haha.

In that way, the kulvix was our first book. It means the world to us for a number of reasons.

Why does the kulvix book have so many inconsistencies?

This book was our first “great work” all put together. We felt so good about it. However, when we were thinking about what to release on the anniversary of our first publication (you may not know that but we released our first book on October 22, 2018!) we knew the kulvix book wasn’t edited or developed professionally. We knew there were issues, and we decided not to publish it. I won’t lie, it didn’t bother me at all at the time. I forgot why I began all this… why I wanted to create and put it out into the world.

I forgot that I wanted to tell stories.

I was rereading an old favorite of mine and I had an epiphany.

How many people are afraid to publish because their story isn’t just perfect, or their layouts are not up to snuff of the big players like Paizo or WotC?

How many people, how many authors and story tellers are afraid or intimidated by costly production value in books?

I contacted Mimir and explained my idea, and he agreed fully.

That’s not an answer… Try again CSC. Why does the kulvix book have so many inconsistencies?

We wanted to show people, to show writers and creators of all kinds that it doesn’t take a home run to publish your story. We don’t all start at 100%. We don’t all know all of the things it requires to make a book or to create gorgeous production value, we don’t all have the finances to afford WotC level art, and we don’t all have the strength to put ourselves out there when we know that critiques are coming.

So we did it. We decided to release our book in a semi-final form. This is the form that we fell in love with. You want lazer beams from the chest, we’ve got you. Are the numbers too high? Are they too low? Is the way the daily uses is worded not up to standard language? That’s okay, because the goal of language and communication is still accomplished in the content and now you and everyone else in the world can enjoy that story.

What are you getting at?

You can put your story out into the world as well. You don’t have to make it perfect, you just have to make it! We spent a large amount of time on Twitter on October 22, 2019 looking for the perfect tweet and we found it. Please check this out. This image is a perfect summary of what we were trying to convey with this effort.

On the anniversay of our first publication, we released our “first” first publication in an “unpolished” form. We wanted to show the world that it doesn’t require perfection to tell your story. It requires the urge and desire to bring happiness to others through storytelling.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope it helps provide some motivation to let you share your story. And don’t forget folks, always be looking for the next page to turn.

P.S. We will be releasing a polished version in teh future. It will be unclided in the files associated with this product. You’ll be able to choose from both!

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