Message From The Sages: Contest Winners, Open Submissions, and Pride

In this message we have three announcements to make and I hope they all bring smiles around the table.

Announcement 1: Contest Winners!

We recently held a contest, a giveaway in celebration of our newest release which brought the player species called the kulvix out into the world at large. This contest has two aspects. Those who purchased a copy of the book on day one would receive a chance to win a copy of Dreamscarred Press's Ultimate Psionics, and those who participated in the giveaway had chances for the same. I'm happy to annoucne we have our winners! We are keeping their identity anon for now until they inform us otherwise. However, they range across the world!!! That was a pleasant surprise. Ukraine, the UK, Germany, and two in the US. Seeing all that itnerest from across the globe heartens me for sure.

Announcement 2: New Open Submissions Available

It's time for us to fill the slots for the content for the new product lines we began recently. We have opened up Unexpected Adventures and the Long Term Effects of Magic for submissions from the public. Please navigate to our Get Involved page for more info. That brings us up to four open submissions available! See the below for a description of what these lines are like.

  • Unexpected Adventures:Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure line. Remember that one NPC from this other town? Yeah I don't either, nor was there much about them even if I did! But my players LOVED good ole Whatstheirname, fond memories there they say. What if, instead of struggling with something to say about Whatstheirname you had a mini adventure lined up and ready to go? In this line the adventures are geared to fit a TYPE of NPC and written such that any NPC can be fit into the adventure as either the inciting incident, the main character, the McGuffin, or other key entry point into the adventure. These are designed to be 1-2 hour adventures.
  • Long Term Effects of Magic: The initial concept was system neutral text for Pathfinder and D&D iconic spells used too often. What happens to the caster or the environment around such repeated magic? While the concept is still the same, we are experimenting with different layouts and system entries. For now, we are open to seeing different examples of ideas from designers. The layout we choose will receive a free subscription to this line and one subscription to gift to a friend.

Unexpected Adventures starts releasing to the public November 1st. Patrons have already reveieced the early version!

Long Term Effects of Magic has yet to be finalized and is still in progress, but we expect a December release date for this line.

Announcement 3: Kulvix Pride

There was a tough decision to make when we released the kulvix. You may have noticed that there are many editing errors, inconsistencies with the system designed for, and other similar issues. This was intentional. We have another article about it to explain the intent with this seemingly "half finished" product and we feel it's important to read. You can find it here.

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