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Mimir and Deviston are two sages of Cobalt Sages Creations. In our company lore the two are the last remaining of a group of researchers and arcanographers that explored existence together. The group found a living library, called the Cobalt Athenaeum, with a will of its own that absorbed all writing from across time, space, and dimensions and slowly fills books and scrolls within the library with this knowledge. The group dwindled over the years int he library until only Mimir and Deviston remained to put the library in order. Other researchers and explorers occasionally stumble across the library. Sage Mimir and Sage Deviston are always present and ready to welcome these guests. When not guiding visiting scholars to what they may need in the library, the sages catalog the content of the library, compile together texts disjointed by accident or intention, and send out these texts to readers who can detect such arcane sendings.

About the Sages

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