MFTS: Next Key Publication


Message From The Sages: Next Key Publication Greetings and salutations from the Cobalt Sages!Four years ago, we began digging deep into the pile of manuscripts, tomes, scrolls, and etchings. The effort is for something long ago documented but only recently ready to compile. With great excitement, I can inform you all that we have rediscovered it!Since then we enacted many changes. We have found new evidence and new recounts that allowed us to bring this compilation to full accuracy.A crystalline species which obtained their sentience as a “psicrystal”, later matured into the Kulvix. The bulk of their civilization makes [...]

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MFTS: New Website Design


Message From The Sages: New Website Design This is our first post for our new website! With this comes the start of something we are happy and overly excited to bring to the world. We will make announcements about releases here, updates to any books, updates on new projects, work available, and much of everything else. From here we will link our articles to various social media platforms and you can keep up with what we are working on! You may notice the website feels incomplete. It is and we are actively working to bring it up to [...]

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