Dev Diary – Species Archive: The Kulvix DD1


Dev Diary – Species Archive: The Kulvix We have decided to start talking a bit about how we create, what goes into it, and what comes out of it. In general, the ins and outs of creating content from CSC's perspective. This first article is important. It's a serious message rather than a deep dive into content. Please take the time to read and understand why we recently made the decision we did with the kulvix book. What is the kulvix book? We recently held a contest, a giveaway in celebration of our newest release which brought the [...]

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MFTS: New Product Lines


Message From The Sages: New Product Lines G, Thank you for this... lovely tour. I'm sure I couldn't imagine my life without having traversed it. Your insistence I make this trek and file these reports has made your message and lesson clear. Moving forward I will take these improved skills of observation and ensure they are plied appropriately. Not sure why it had to be for six months though. Rude. I've received my fourth assignment and I am in progress with procurements required for accomplishing the task. I expect within two moons you will receive my first report. [...]

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