*Chief Executive Bio Sheet In Progress

*Chief Executive Bio Sheet In Progress

— Cobalt Sages Creations creates stories. The primary avenue it uses to do so is supplements for existing Table Top Role Playing Games (TTRPGs).
— CSC became a company in February 2015
— CSC is based out of Texas but has no central location
— CSC currently has full time employees; the owners. CSC has employed a large number of freelance writers and artists
— The main products of CSC are the PDF books by which we make our content available to the public
— The average cost of each book depends on the words count, but an estimate is roughly $1,500 per 30 page book
— CSC launched our first product (the Pathfinder version of Aberrant Codex: Aberrant Allies) on October 22, 2018. We release new product on schedule every four months on or around the 22nd of the month and release additional content as it completes
— CSC sells content on itch.io, DTRPG, Gumroad, Payhip, and OpenGamingStore
— CSC has currently won one award for our first product, the Thilo Graff Seal of Approval and 5 star rating
— CSC has been growing financially at an average monthly rate of 16.85%
— CSC does not currently have major investors

— August 2019, Company attends GENCON 2019 as an educational opportunity and makes contacts resulting in 2019 Kickstarter announcement

— October 2018, Company opens two Patreons, one for released PDF books and one for stock art arm of company

— October 2018, First PDF Product Release

— February 2015, Company incorporates

— Direct press questions to our general inbox at cobaltsages at g mail dot com and include the follow text as the first content in your header: “PRESS REQUEST” followed by your custom subject title.